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"We are proud to work with Finn AI and collaborate in the rapidly evolving AI and chatbot space. For consumers, this will mean a more relevant and personalized digital experience."

Conversational AI to redefine the banking experience for your customers

-Derek Colfer
Head of Digital Product, Visa

The Finn AI virtual financial assistant allows your customers to bank wherever and whenever they want, using simple, natural language conversation in convenient channels they already use.

During the demo, you will see:
•  A customer research, evaluate, and apply for a new product - all within a single session

 Features such as paying bills and sending e-transfers

 How the personal financial coach can deliver meaningful insights and recommendations 
so your customers can learn and grow with their money

Conversational AI Designed Exclusively For Banking

We know banking
Our domain and conversational design experts have developed a specific taxonomy just for banking. This means we already know and can answer most of the questions your customers will ask.
Get great results quicker
Our virtual assistant comes pre-trained with thousands of banking intents so you can launch faster than any of your competitors.
Benefit from a single brain approach
Every customer interaction makes Finn AI smarter, faster, and more accurate. With our unique single brain approach, you can benefit from the collective activity of millions of users to continually train your bot.
Never fall behind

AI technology continually evolves – even after you launch. Our team of data scientists, product developers, and customer success experts are committed to supporting you throughout our partnership…pre-launch and beyond.
Leverage the power of AI in banking. Artificial intelligence in banking is growing with some of the biggest banks in the financial services industry embracing this AI banking revolution.


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